Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thing 26

I joined the ning the first time around, and I did join the "School Librarian and Media Specialists" group.
I really haven't used either one very much other than to leave comments for some of the other members that I know from conferences or other face-to-face activities. When I think about it, I am surprised at how awkward it is for me to connect with people for the first time in this medium. Even after completing the first "23 things", I don't find this in my comfort zone.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thing 25

This post is coming from my email. (I hope). I'm guessing the address
should not be stored in the address book of your email.

Marie Rauenhorst
Librarian K-4; 9-12
(320)523-1031 ext. 105

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thing 24: Refresh the blog

Changing the template was easy enough. I may be tempted to change it often.
The number of gadgets was overwhelming. Just exploring the options could take a few days. I went to the fun & games category and selected "Hangman" to add to my blog.
Adding information to my profile is technically easy, but I don't know what information to add. I did make a slight change to the information.
I'm attached to my Media Kebab and decided not to change it.
The Avatar change was more complicated. I made changes on the Avatar site, but I apparently didn't save the changes correctly. After trying several things, I finally was able to save the changes, but couldn't figure out how to export them to my blog. I went back to the first 23 things and took the shortcut to "export to your blog". (There has to be a way to export this from the Avatar site??) This worked except that when I did it the first time, it exported the avatar without the background ... I repeated the exact steps and it exported with the background, but it didn't position the avatar in the background the way I had saved it.
I think I'm registered. However, right after I hit "Send to More Things Team" I realized that I sent the blog address incorrectly. Sorry about that.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter in Minnesota

Sundogs from Jan. 14

So we're back....

23 more things? Here we go-- I remember that the 23 things was a rewarding experience, but time consuming. I'm guessing I need to do a lot of review before I get started.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ahhh- Sumer is here at last. I'm thinking I should revisit the 23 things because I've already forgotten a lot.
I enjoyed the Children's Literature Workshop over the last couple days. It was a good time to get excited about the new books and gather some creative ideas to freshen up presentations.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

And then....

I was missing the blog-
Since the last post, we've had a book fair and an author in our media center. I haven't done too much online, but I've thought about it. For instance, I would like to give parents access to the pictures I took of their kids with the author. Which tools would accomplish this without stepping on the privacy of the author or students? Or do I need to worry about this as long as I don't identify them?

Thing 18 from Teachertube

Rhubarb Bird Baths at CC


Gifhorn, Germany

Gifhorn, Germany
I'm here-the white speck on the bridge. This is one of the beautiful places I visited last summer.

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